Founding Donor Recognition

Founding Donor Recognition

Thank you for sharing with us!

Richard E. and Alice S. Appen
Maribeth H. and William Baker
Dennis D. and Lynn F. Christensen
William P. and Karin L. Daun
Dean and St. Mary’s
Friends of University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
Mary K. Haag
Brenda K. Jenkin
Peter J. and Mary S. Landry
Kim Miller-Thoreson
Madison Women’s Health, LLP
Gary D. and Nancy A. O’Rourke
Barbara Sample
Alois L. Schlack, Jr.
Wisconsin Fertility Institute

Associated Physicians, LLP
Rebecca A Thousand and Eric C. Anderson
Klaus L. and Doris E. Berghahn
Louis C. Bernhardt
Ross A. and Hilary Berning
Sarah L. Bradley
Dolores M. and Frank Emspak
Bryan T. and Allison R. Hotujec
Hilary O’Connell-Berning
Meghan E. Ogden
Katherine M. O’Rourke
Dean Strang
Thomas P. and Eileen W. Sutula
Tangled Up In Blue
Karl W. and Mary J. Wellensiek

Patricia M. and James H. Abraham
Mary J. Baumann
Marcus J. and Laura J. Berghahn
Justin L. Gottlieb and Barbara A. Blodi
Joan K. Brooks
Elizabeth A. Bruckbauer
Elizabeth J. Neary and William J. Bula
Donita R. Croft
John Davis
Robert J. and Diane M. Dempsey
Richard A. and Virginia A. Diehl
Christopher A. Federman
Janice M. Ferguson
Paul K. Frautschi
Pleasant R. Frautschi
Jacqueline L. Gerhart
Richard H. Goldberg
Robert M. Griffen and Shobhina G. Chheda
David J. and Michelle L. A. Gronski
Hamilton E. and Patricia A. Harper
Thomas J. Hirsch
Pauline R. Kussart
Sharon Lehrer
Ellen J. McAllister
Mary E. McSweeney and Jonathon T. Ketzler
Theresa A. Michel
Geralyn K. Murphy
Mark J. Nofsinger and Craig Roberts
Shelby L. O’Connor
Lisa A. Olson and Daniel S. Lenz
Jacqueline G. O’Rourke
Vincent J. and Constance C. Perkins
June E. Randall
Laurel W. Rice
Maureen D. Rickman
Craig M. Roberts
Anne E. H. Rosin
Gerald G. and Barbara Ryan
Mary J. and Edward J. Saur
Kristi and Jeff Simon
Clifford J. Cavitt and Laura A. Sabo
Maria Sandgren Birkelo
Larry and Christine S. Seibert
James H. Shropshire
Lynne Solomon and Alan Baer
Erin M. Thornley and Joseph T. Parisi
UW Health Nurse Midwifery Service
Jane and James M. Vander Meer
David C. and Jane Villa
Michael C. and Sandra Walters
Karl W. and Mary J. Wellensiek
Heidi Wilde
Michael L. Williams and Beth H. Olson

Bonnie M. Albaugh
Michael and Rachel Balestreri
Timothy R. and Valery Brickner
Robert J. Gillespie and Jennifer A. Higgins
Erin K. Johnson
Hannah M. Keevil
Richard R. and Kathleen K. Kuhnen
John S. and Ellen D. Mast
Mary M. McNicholas
Phoenix E. Melvin
Amy J. Miller
Mary and Thomas L. Pfefferkorn
Carol J. and Gary A. Polipnick
Jane E. and Bill Shepard
Gary S. Silbaugh
Allison Sorg
Jodi Wagner

First Annual Share the Health Gala Donors
Brocach Irish Pub and Restaurant
Fresh Madison Market
Gail Ambrosia Chocolates Intsy Prints
Katherine Jiang
L’Eft Bank Wine Company
Madison Women’s Health
UPS Store at Market Square
Whole Foods Madison
Annie Yao